A Song for Lory

We came together at the perfect time

Two travelers looking for love and adventure

We found in each other, it was meant to be,

A friend, a lover, a partner for life

Global nomads, we began our quest

Embracing new cultures, and lifelong friends

Every new port became our home

We loved them all, equally

Vancouver Island, the Pacific Rim

Kayaks, beach walks and the West Coast Trail

Roy Vickers’ Art and Kingcome Inlet

A taste of Oolikan Oil; once is enough

Curacao, with its beautiful beaches and tropical fish

Swimming with Nurse Sharks at Sea Aquarium

Over the fence to Mount Kristoffel,

The mandatory lecture, “Was it a nice sunrise?”

Bangkok, and ISSiam

Soi Hoke Sip Jet, the house of three brothers

Waiting on pay checks, patiently

Charlie and Chloe, Godson plus one

Art and Beulah do Bangkok street food

Lifetime members of our corner supermarket

From the Khmer temples at Phimai,

To the van full of pottery at Korat

Kuala Lumpur, the Impiana Condo

Mae King Fat, the Morning Market

Heslip Tours, Southeast Asian Adventures

Genting Highlands, Beulah’s “Best place ever!”

Islamabad, the house of plenty

Fill it with furniture, Curtains by Zuhor

So many Domestics – Hafis and his Sweeper,

Nasir the Dobi, the infamous Iqbal

Adopting Chandini, Pushok’s nemesis

Cheryl crawls through Chandi’s door

The Virtual Tours at the American Club

Pirates, Fjords, the Caribbean Cruise

The Rainbow Nation, Fourways Gardens

Our cherry-red Peugeot, our Flame Street home

Kandizewei Lodge and Kruger safaris

Mating Lions and the Hippo Trail

Birding weekend with Rob and Kathi

Dick’s morning mantra, “I can smell the coffee!”

Tennis and Chandini’s Mug ‘n’ Bean

Beef steak and Boerewors, Doggy Heaven

ISRiau – Head of School

So proud of you and your leadership

Bus rides to Duri, car rides for Chandi

Lunchtime laps in the hot water pool

Life in the Jungle, 121 Meranti

Hornbills, parakeets, the startle of the night jar

Monkeys and wild pigs, the gibbon’s call

Flying foxes circling above the trees

Kazakhstan and winter clothes

Lory the leader, another success

Speseeba and dosveedanya

Walks on the Ural, crackling ice

Losing Chandini, the greatest loss

The gift of Lucy, we will survive

Morning walks, our last Bike Club

Warmed by friendships, the winters passed

Chandini Villa, our final home

Lory’s dream job, with occasional nightmares

Choo Chai and Chai Lai, “Wai nam talay!”

Afternoon laps, ours for infinity

These are just a few of so many memories

Of the time which we have shared

I am so grateful for your love

5 thoughts on “A Song for Lory

    1. Thank you, Kathi. I wrote this for Lory a couple of years ago and just came across
      it this week. Thought I would post it just to preserve the memories for ourselves.


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